The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has revealed when it intends to restart practical driving/theory tests and driving lessons in England. Here’s how the schedule breaks down:

Driving Lessons

These will recommence on Monday 12 April; the agency says that many of you want to get some lessons under your belt before driving tests restart.

Driving Tests

Practical driving tests are planned to restart 10 days after lessons on Thursday 22 April.

Theory Tests

You will, of course, been swotting up on your Highway Code during the lockdown. It’s probably why the DVSA says that it plans to restart theory tests alongside driving lessons on Monday 12 April.

“In the meantime, pupils can continue to practise driving with an accompanying driver from within their household, as long as it’s part of an essential journey.”

• Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency.

Important notice

This is all dependent on the government review of the ongoing pandemic on 5 April; if positive progress is still being made in spite of schools returning plus other restrictions being lifted, then expect the DVSA’s plans to go ahead.

However, if infection rates have shot up and the government decides there is too greater a risk posed by opening up again, then expect the DVSA to delay all restart dates.

Booking issues

If you have a practical driving test booked before 22 April, then the DVSA will email you, letting you know that you test will be rescheduled. If your instructor booked it for you, then they should be in touch shortly with an update.

If you have a theory test booked before 12 April, you will receive an email, requesting that you reschedule your test.

Finally, if you’re a mobile emergency worker who already has a test booked, this latest raft of announcements won’t have an impact on you so any test booked will still go ahead.

What about Scotland and Wales?

The Scottish Government and Welsh Government are setting out their own plans and timetables to reduce restrictions, and the DVSA promises to keep everyone updated as soon as any new information becomes available.

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