We know how frustrating it is for any eager learner who wants to get their practice in and take their tests. But heading out on to the motorway in the middle of the night for a spot of ‘practise’ is not the way to do it.

It’s a lesson two learners sadly learned the hard way in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police caught the two in separate incidents within an hour of each other as one drove on the M53 and the other on the M6.

Each was driving on a provisional licence and missing the two elements the law requires them to have when out on a motorway: A qualified driving instructor sat next to them plus a car with dual controls.

Bear in mind even with an instructor riding shotgun, the learners would have been at risk of being fined for making an unnecessary journey anyway.

Seized and Reported

As a result of both learners’ actions, their cars were seized and they have been reported.

It means the two learners can kiss their provisional licences goodbye plus will have to stump up the release fee needed to get their (or their parents’) car back from the compound.

You & the Lockdown

Remember, in these unprecedented times, it’s important to stick to the lockdown rules to keep everyone – and your provisional licence – safe. For more information about how the lockdown is affecting driving licences and testing, read our full guide here.

Stay Home & Practise

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Police image © West Midlands Police