The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has announced a new consultation for determining how much we should all be paying for its testing services. This will likely see fees go up for:

  • theory and practical driving tests for learner drivers and approved driving instructors
  • vehicle tests for roadworthiness and certification
  • MOT services.
Yes, but by how much?

Obviously, we’re interested in theory and practical driving tests here, and the DVSA is recommending putting up fees by about 1.5%.

In real world terms, if approved, prices will likely go up as follows:

Theory test (car and motorcycle)

From £23 to £23.40.

Car driving test (normal hours)

From £62 to £62.90.

Car driving test (out of hours)

From £75 to £76.10.

Why the increase?

The agency says that fees have stayed pretty much the same over the past ten tears.

It increased the car driving fee to £62 in 2009 and even reduced the cost of the theory test in 2014 and 2015 (a practise almost unheard in other government agencies so credit where credit is due).

However, the DVSA points out that the current fees have not kept up with inflation and if they had, you’d now be paying:

£75 for a car driving test, not £62.

£38 for a car or motorcycle theory test (if the theory test fee had not been reduced), not £23.

What if fees don’t go up?

The DVSA argues that if it doesn’t raise fees, it won’t be able to provide services to their current standards.

This may be a sore point for learners as waiting lists for testing are already stretching for weeks because of the pandemic – but the agency is effectively warning that waiting times could get even worse if no increase is introduced.

In its defence, the COVID outbreak has been an unprecedented event, and one that has floored many government departments. Cold comfort, we know, but still…

Have your say

The DVSA wants to ensure your opinion on the suggested increase are known and has put up a quick questionnaire online for you to answer.

It poses four main questions:

  1. Do you support the development of DVSA’s services for a better experience for the customer?
  2. Fees have not increased for over a decade. Do you think these modest fee increases are a fair way to ensure current service level are maintained?
  3. Do you wish to see the continued delivery of driving and vehicle services to at least the current standard of service?
  4. Do you agree with the continuing modernisation of our services to take account of new technology available?

The consultation is already open and will close on 2 September. The results will then be presented to Parliament that will then decide if the increase in fees should go ahead.

To take part in the consultation, head to the landing page here – it only takes a minute or two to complete.

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