After making a Freedom of Information request to the DVLA, leasing comparison website Moneyshake discovered that there is a significant number of learners who are racking up points on their licence.

This puts their provisional driving licence at risk, and leaves them vulnerable to an outright ban even before passing their test. According to the data:

  • 21,640 learners have 1-3 points.
  • 30,972 learners have 4-6 points.
  • 10,639 learners have 7-9 points.
  • 1,803 learners have 10+ points.

Combined, that’s a massive 65,054 learner drivers with points on their licence.

Bye, bye licence?

Your full driving licence already comes with some serious strings attached (and rightly so!): A new driver who amasses six or more points in the first two years will see their licence revoked, forcing them to apply for a new provisional licence plus take both the theory and practical tests again.

Bearing this in mind, any active penalty points on your provisional driving licence will be carried over to your full licence once you do qualify. This means learners with six points on their provisional licence can expect their new licence to be revoked if they accrue any further points once qualified.

Finally, remember that any points remain active for three years and stay on your driving licence for four years. Points accrued for more serious driving offences are active for 10 years and stay on your licence for 11 years.

So who are the worst culprits?

The research shows that men are the main offenders: A whopping 52,802 males have points on their licence compared to only 12,252 women. Men also accrue more points across every point category.

Age-wise, it’s learners in their 20s who are the biggest penalty point magnets with the DVLA data revealing that 26,552 learners in their twenties have one or more points on their provisional licence.

Stay on the right side of the law

If you are worried about losing your licence, it’s worth bearing in mind the five offences that carry a penalty of six points or more – and how easy it is to avoid them by simply sticking to the law (and using common sense).

These are using your mobile phone while driving; driving without insurance; driving under the influence of drink or drugs; failing to identify the driver (for example, after being caught by a speed camera), and, erm, driving while disqualified.

To be honest, if you are caught doing any of the above, then you do deserve to kiss your licence goodbye.

Know Your Highway Code

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