The days of the driving test marking sheet, the dreaded ‘DL25’, being paper-based are numbered as it is replaced by a tablet-based app – here’s why it will help learners too.

While the all-new app is designed to make the marking process easier for driving examiners and reduce back office paperwork, there are also several advantages for students before, during and after the test too:

Before the practical driving test

• On the old DL25 sheet, you have to sign insurance and residency declarations in a very small box (and this can be pain for learners whose nerves mean slightly shaky hands!).

• With the new app, both the signature box and the text that details what you’re signing are much bigger. You can also re-sign if you’re not happy with your signature.

During the practical driving test

• This is not a new feature per say but more of a clarification about what the examiner is actually doing when marking you during the test.

• Remember, the examiner making a note doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve just been ‘faulted’.

• Instead they could be simply marking that a manoeuvre has been carried out – so relax. It actually means you’re one manoeuvre closer to finishing your test!

After the practical driving test

• This is where the major changes have been made. First, a digital test summary report is sent immediately after your test debrief to the email address you designated at the test booking stage.

• This can then be forwarded to your instructor and any accompanying drivers.

• If it was your instructor who booked the test, you can change the email address to your own before the test starts and forward the report on to your instructor yourself via email, WhatsApp, etc.

• Faults are now also listed in order of severity with the dangerous or severe mistakes now placed above driving faults, all within a layout that is much easier to understand.

• While the paper-based DL25 lists fault definitions on the back, research shows that hardly any of you ever actually look at them.

• To help, the digital version features links to so can you see what the faults mean with definitions now rewritten so they’re easier to understand.

• If you have failed (or just want to improve your skills as an independent driver after passing your test), the digital report allows you to start analysing what went wrong with your instructor straight away.