From 7 April 2014 driving tests will no longer be offered with a foreign language voice over or translator.  Everyone will be required to take the test in English, Welsh, or British Sign Language.

There’s been a lot of controversy on the matter of individuals being allowed to take their driving test in a foreign language.  The reasons span from potential road safety implications, to the cost of providing translation services.  There was also speculation that interpreters could indicate correct answers to students, undetected.

The DSA ran a consultation from 5 February 2013 until the 2 April 2013 asking the public for their views, and got a clear answer back.  Over 2000 people responded and 70% of those supported the withdrawal of foreign language voice overs and interpreters on the tests.

Read the full article published by the DSA in October 2013 which includes a link to the full consultation report.

  • The DSA will continue to offer English or Welsh language voiceover for those that have reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.
  • Individuals that are deaf or that have hearing difficulties will still be able to take their theory test in British sign language, or take a BSL interpreter with them on their practical test.

Theory Test Pro will continue to offer translation support to individuals preparing for their tests in languages other than English.  We offer machine translation to over 60 languages, where students can see their native language side-by-side with English.  A great learning tool to help prepare them for the test.