If you have been trying to book a new driving test since Friday 21 August, you will have noticed that the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) booking service has been experiencing ‘technical problems’ – and is now offline.

What’s going on?

The DVSA has issued an official statement, stating that by 8pm on Friday, the booking page had been visited nearly seven million times.

The agency states that this has resulted in folk having problems accessing the service or not being able to complete their booking once they’re in.

To combat the issue, the DVSA has taken the booking service offline until Wednesday 26 August so it can carry out maintenance work to ensure that problem doesn’t reoccur.

This shutdown means certain services will not be available until the 26th, including:

  • booking a driving test
  • changing a driving test appointment
  • checking driving test appointment details
  • cancelling a driving test.

In the meantime, the DVSA “apologises for the inconvenience this has caused.” We will keep you informed of any further developments once the service does go live again.

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