The UK driving test is pretty tough – it’s why you’re spending hours and large wads of cash on learning to drive safely. But how does our system shape up against the rest of the world?

It can be stressful taking the British driving test; many learners walking into the test centre could be forgiven for wishing that they lived in another country where the practical and theory tests weren’t quite so tough. Or didn’t exist at all.

Well, there’s good news – as long as you are prepared to emigrate to achieve an easy pass according to the infographic created by the Foray Motor Group. In Pakistan for instance, the sum total of your practical driving test involves driving through a course made up of cones; perhaps it’s worrying then that only 80% of learners actually manage to pass the test despite its simplicity.

For a guaranteed pass, you could move to Mexico where there are no practical or theory tests whatsoever – or India where you can simply pay for your driving licence if you are too nervous to take the test.

Despite how easy it is to get your hands on a licence in such countries, neither India, Mexico or Pakistan feature in the list of the world’s most dangerous places to drive – that honour goes to the likes of Dominican Republic, Thailand, Nigeria and South Africa; the latter’s high ranking perhaps explained in part by the high level of driving examiner bribery that is rife across the country.

Whatever the case, we’d recommend that if you’re feeling nervous about your test that you save on the cost of an airfare and instead, read our top tips for smashing driving test stress here to help you prepare for the big day. In the meantime, click on the image below to see the full infographic: